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Getting a Home Mortgage

So, you're interested to get a mortgage for your dream house. In order to do this, there are some steps you need to get the right home mortgage for you.

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Basic Mortgage Terms

If it is your first time applying for a mortgage, there are a number of terms you should know. Educating yourself on the various mortgage terms you will run into will help you make better decisions when deciding which home you want to purchase. When you sign a mortgage contract, your home is used for collateral and it is your responsibility to make sure your payments are made on time each month.

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Are you fortunate enough to live with a German Shepherd? Then you know that they are extremely active dogs. They need lots of exercise. They are bold, determined, and smart, requiring a lot of attention. German Shepherds are also naturally dominant dogs so proper training is a must.

It is essential that you control your German Shepherd or she will control you. But training will ensure that she is a happy, well-adjusted member of your family. So, you are going to train your German Shepherd but what's the best way to do this? There's some important points to remember, but before we tell you what they are, here is the biggest secret to training your German Shepherd? CONSISTENCY You guessed it! Consistency. Many times someone will bring home a German Shepherd puppy and underestimate the amount of time needed to train him effectively.

Training your dog is really very simple, give him praise when she does something you want, and correct him when he doesn't. If you do this consistently, your German Shepherd will be trained. In essence, training him will enhance the bond you share. It will establish you as the leader of the pack, making your dog more comfortable.

You can promote this natural rank by following these teaching points. We will discover the best ways to train your German Shepherd, ensuring a long and happy relationship. First you must understand that your dog is not human and is largely governed by instinct. It is up to you to temper that instinct with conditioned behavior through human training. By correctly establishing a social hierarchy within your household from the very first day you bring your German Shepherd puppy home, you can achieve this. The hierarchy consists of an Alpha dog, which is the dominant dog to all.

He is the supreme ruler of the pack and is submissive to no one. Following the Alpha dog is the Beta dog, second in command. The Beta dog is second in line for dominance. Obviously, the Beta dog would be submissive to the alpha dog but dominant above all others. At the tail end of the pack, so to speak, is the Omega dog, which is dominant to none and submissive to everyone. The most essential point to remember is that your German Shepherd needs an Alpha dog to give him firm, consistent leadership and is happiest when this occurs.

However, your German Shepherd is instinctively wired to better his pack position so beware of periods when he tests boundaries, especially during training. He may push your buttons by misbehaving or ignoring commands that he has already learned. This is normal and the best way to work through this is with consistency and maintenance of the training program you have established. The Alpha wolf in the wild will always decide where to hunt and when he will decide where to settle the pack.

After each kill, the Alpha wolf always will eat first as the unequivocal leader of his pack. There are no exceptions. He governs his pack in a firm and fair way, with no exceptions to his law.

What does all this have to do with training your dog? Simply that you must be the Alpha dog in your pack to effectively train your German Shepherd. He will work harder to please you if he understands his relationship with you. This will also establish a proper relationship between you and your dog right from the start and he will bond more closely and deeply to you. There is a special situation that you must consider.

It is this: Imagine being a petite woman married to a big guy who is 6'4" and weighs 225 pounds. In your dog's mind, you probably won't be recognized as the Alpha dog; although your husband might recognize you as such. This is because the undetectable scent he puts off to the dog and his deeper voice establishes him as the Alpha dog. Even though you might have to work a little harder, you can easily establish yourself as the Beta dog, dominant over all other dogs in your household.

Are the kids the Omega dogs then? Definitely not! It is essential that they participate in the training of your German Shepherd so they will also be dominant over your dog.

David Lee is the owner and designer of several web sites promoting responsible pet care. For more info see http://www.GermanShepherd-1.com and for cat owners http://www.AceCatHealth.com or http://www.AceCatFurniture.com

Mortage Loans

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A Guide to Finding the Best Personal Loan Rate

Finding the best personal loan rate that you can get isn't always easy... it does, however, save you a lot of money in comparison to simply taking the first interest rate that you're offered for a loan.

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